This application was designed for iPad in order to simplify all the flight operations.

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It is divided into many panels and in each one there are specific controls. To enable each panel you just need to touch the related button on the left; the panel immediately visible and will show you its controls.

Remember to select the aircraft preset on the Home panel in order to configure properly your Remote Virtual Cockpit! 

Remote Virtual Cockpit is fully compatible with all the airplanes available in Flight Simulator X, Prepar3d, all Dino Cattaneo freeware aircraft and moreover you can use it with the payware airplanes  PMDG 737-800 and 737-900 (it doesn't work properly with PMDG 737NGXu).

Panel Home

This panel gives the possibility to set the connection between this app and Remote Virtual Cockpit - Server which has to be installed on the computer where the flight simulator runs. On it there are the some basic intructions and the "Connect" button.

Panel Main 1

On the panel Main 1 it's possible to control lights, parking brakes, doors, battery, generators and the engines. Basing on the engine type (jet o propeller) and number there will be a different layout.

Panel Main 2

On the panel Main 2 you will find controls for flap, gears, spoilers and auto brakes. There will be control knobs for throttle, propeller, mixture, aileron, rudder and elevator pitch, as well.

Panel Autopilot

Autopilot is managed by this panel: there are indicators and switches for altitude, vertical speed, airspeed, heading and course. For a fast insert it is possibile, throw the "set" button to direct dial the value that you want to insert. 

Pannello Radio

All the radio controls are in this single panel: throw knobs it's possibile to set all the frequencies. Throw the "set" button you can direct set the frequency. It's also possible to set the ADF, to activate sounds and to adjust the trasponder.


This panel allows you to managed the communications with ATC. Most of the Flight Simulator aircrafts are equipped with GPS Garmin, which is also controllable in this panel.
The central part of the screen shows the GPS data and other information about the selected airplane. 

Panel Ground

This panel allows you to open/close doors and cargo. It's also fully compatible with GSX Ground Service so you can make call for catering, refuelling and boarding people.

Pannello FMC

This panel is available only for aircraft preset "Boeing 737 PMDG" and allows you to open/close FMC and interact with it.

Pannello Map

There is a map that shows the position and the heading of the aircraft. It's possible to pan and zoom the map freely or to set the "Auto Centre" option that automatically shows you where your plane is.

Pannello View

Shortcuts to change the point of view. Thank to this panel it's possibile to switch-on or off the simulator's subpanels.