Panel Home

On the Home Panel you find the commands to set the connection between the app and Remote Virtual Cockpit - Server that it must be installed on the PC where you have your simulator.

If you push the "SET" button you can set IP address and port (9000 by default). After that you can press "SAVE" button to save the connection settings.

In order to know the server IP address simply start Remote Virtual Cockpit - Server on your PC and it will show you the IP address to set in this panel.

Before press "CONNECT" button it's necessary to start either Remote Virtual Cockpit - Server and simulator.

If the connection are done correctly the "CONNECT" button lights on and now you will be able to enjoy and enhance your flight experience.

Please remember to select the proper aircraft preset settings in order to see only the commands available on the selected aircraft. If your aircraft doesn't appear in the list of aircraft preset choose a similar aircraft or the DEFAULT one.

On this panel you can also set the refresh rate of simulator data and the iPad audio.