If you want to connect the application Remote Virtual Cockpit to the simulator you just need to install Remote Virtual Cockpit - Server on the computer where the simulator runs.

The latest version is 1.9.0

The installation is easy, you have to follow these easy steps:

  • download the latest version of the server from the link below;
  • unzip the file;
  • run setup.exe;
  • follow the wizard;
  • run as administrator and also add an exception on your firewall for this application.

Download the Remote Virtual Cockpit - Server

Once you have installed the server it is required to install the latest version FSUIPC that you can find here. It's not necessary to register because the free version works good enough.

When you run Remote Virtual Cockpit - Server some led will show you the state of the simulator, of the FSUIPC, of the server and of the iPad connection.

If FSUIPC is installed and the simulator is running you will see that the first three leds turn green. At this point you will only have to configurate the app Remote Virtual Cockpit on the iPad and press the "Connect" button.

When the last led will turn green and you will be ready to enjoy the application.