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Server v3 for RVC products

In order for your tablet to communicate with the flight simulator, you need to download and install a program on your PC.

The v3 version of the server works with the following apps:

  • RVC MSFS PMDG 737 (-600, -700, -800 and -900)
  • RVC MSFS Cessna 172
  • RVC MSFS Cessna 208
  • RVC MSFS TBM 930
  • RVC MSFS Diamond DA62

RVC Server v3 MSFS

Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In order to enable the communication between Remote Virtual Cockpit Server v3 and the PMDG 737 you need to open a file and add some lines of code!

  • PMDG 737 in MSFS must have been loaded beyond "ready to fly" at least once and exited again.
  • Exit MSFS
  • If you have bought MSFS from Store/Gamepass open this folder (check your variant -600, -700, -800 or -900):
    PMDG 737-700
    PMDG 737-600
    PMDG 737-800
    PMDG 737-900
  • If you have bought MSFS from Steam open this folder (check your variant -600, -700, -800 or -900):
    PMDG 737-700
    %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\pmdg-aircraft-737\work
    PMDG 737-600
    %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\pmdg-aircraft-736\work
    PMDG 737-800
    %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\pmdg-aircraft-738\work
    PMDG 737-900
    %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\pmdg-aircraft-739\work
  • Open "737_Options.ini" file with an editor like Notepad
  • Add this lines of codes at the end of this file
  • [SDK]
  • Save the file
  • Restart your simulator